~ Delivered Projects ~

World Purveyors of Fine Stone

With over four decades of respected business practices, we have built relationships with quarries all over the world. We have negotiated the best rates from the finest quarries in order to provide you the most competitive prices in the Top Grade stone market.

Alpha Stone International firmly believes in good partnerships so we have worked tirelessly to ensure strict quality and the best business practices with our quarries & distributors around the world.

Here are a few examples of delivered jobs in North America...

World Purveyors of Fine Stone

Because we own and have decades-long relationships with quarries all over the world, you can rest assured that we can source what you need.

Important: Please note that you cannot mix different stone materials, such as granite, marble, and slate, into the same container. But you can mix-and-match different categories of the same material into each container.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Sales Agent by calling (514) 862-5569, or email info@alpha-stone.com, or fax (514) 376-7259
1. When Invoiced 20% Downpayment is Required 2. Once product is ready (30 days approx) Full Balance is Due
3. Ocean Freight is between 40 to 55 Days from port of Xiamen, China to your port
4. Freight Prices are estimated at $5,000 per 20 foot container of product
1. Direct from the Manufacturer cutting out the middle-man
2. Custom-make your designs
3. More economical as you do not pay retail prices
4. Endless supply of inventory
5. Private Label and/or Drop Shipping available with your company's information